Disclaimer: It’s your responsibility to take control of your mind.  Is there crafted content to consume for fodder in your supernatural communication with our God.  Results are your responsibility; Cuz well you know God.  Love never fails.

Bible Prophecy - Error at your detriment ignoring, neglecting, negating and ultimately disparaging with your mouth the voices God raised for your good.  Verily, that's your shame. “We can overcome that babe.  Come to me… Take both knees please.”

“All this so you will believe.  I AM… Able.”  “Ask, search, dig or don’t.  I’ll get to you yet!”  He is faithful and just… To do exceedingly more than you can imagine or hope for.  I don’t even need a majority vote.  Just Clouds of your Glory Love…  “Clouds Love.”  Word Clouds of Truth and YOUR Promises of Peace, Faith and Hope… that WE CAN Trust you for Prosperity for ALL!??  If we all turn to you!?!  When you Call for US All?  We hear your voice… See your splendor?  “Take down your walls.  Please.”

Who is the author of your heart?

Family, Friends and Countrymen…  Lend me your ear… Take a knee.

“First and foremost now in my mind… THANK YOU all ye faithful.  Be fruitful and multiply please.  It’s all extra babe.” #Tamethesnake  #YourWillYourWay  #findyourseatplease

Who will inherit the sweat from the brow of your vessel?  Who will benefit from your willed endeavors?  Who will realize your most intimate hopes and dreams?  Have you tempered your Faith in reality with genuine and sincere Hope and Trust in Love?  Why do you believe you're worthy of the full benefits of God’s Country and not others equally;  Others God chose to create?  For us to protect and serve.  Your confusing others who are seeking truth with a pure heart and little to eat.  People who haven’t been blessed like you yet?  “What did you do with our table scraps?”  “I left you a trail!”  “Why are you over there with my knee like that!?”  “I gave you debt relief when you asked for mercy.”  “I give you debt relief routinely without fail now!  You said you understood… you received me already;  Remember.  Call on me when you need help.”

“Can I give you a pardon?  Please!  Don’t you see what’s happening outside… all around and now creeping back inside your garden/kingdom?”  Like the moon tides create waves?

Does God Love like that?  Is He just waiting for silly people, scattered about, to turn to Him for help?  “Acknowledge me please.  I AM… giving gifts”   “Taking a bribe” might be just simply conceding a sliver of truth about your basis for faith for a perceived gain.  Can you dwell in God’s Country and not pay your corn tax?  Is the Gospel of Christ a mystery… like the ways and means of God of all creation?  What about Christmas?

Concede your fight for rights to walls!  “Pick up my fight for Joy, Peace and Prosperity for all of my people.”  Whose seed are you?  “What you doin with my knees?”  “How longsuffering do you think I am?”  Have they got 8:46… To figure it out before we go to meet our maker?  

“You got your hands in your pocket…  with your back to me!?”  “You can’t hide silly… Confront and receive MY Mercy… then give it away and ask for more.”

Father… am I misinterpreting your story?  Search me please.  Increase your territory in me… us please.  For Jesus in me... He keeps nudg’n me back to you for the bounty.  Can we work it out?  Make it good and right now Lord?  Please and Thank You!  Next step please.  Do you seek peace in your valley or Their Garden?  If we wanna do better together for All of us…Loving our neighbor and All.  Like you testify.  I’m here to bolster you!

Do God’s “trials by fire” seem arduous and then end up more like the surprise open book tests we had in school…Graded on a curve?  Is it a similar sense of apprehension and then relief?  Burn baby burn!  What was that about nobody putting baby in the corner?  There’s only one question on the test?  Lord?  Father!?  What say you?  Can We all Trust You?  Take a knee on Hope?  You already have the other one?  “I’ve got Faith in You Love!”  Are we the last in line?  We are patient Lord…  Hopeful… Trusting.  Not wanting to do anything but Love your creation… Live in peace… Enjoy your bounty.

“Are you waiting or engaging or engaged somewhere else?”  

What’s your schedule look like?  How available are you right now?  Thank you!  Arrows from your quiver Lord.  The best of both worlds right and good now… please… THANK YOU!  #Wildfire  

I AM Soniferous…  and I AM Furious!  Are you too?

Take this to your High Priest please…  #Youknowwhathewants

Are you a Sheriff, Villan or Border?  I just need to know for the census.