Dreamer… Nuth’n but a dreamer… do do dooo doo do dodo…  Don't read this if you're not ready to meet your maker… #lightenup  He’s got the whole world in His hand.

Probably on the tips of His middle fingers… Are we wobbly?

Come for this… leave with that?  "We can work it out come to me…  Cast your lot love… all your cares.  All on the table… let's feast.  I like to wrestle."

"Do you remember when you were stiff necked, stubborn, foolish and wicked?"

"Will you take my yoke upon you?"


"Are you following after me? Where is our crosses?"  "I know they are lighter for you guys are they smaller too?  In your… pocket?  Beyond my imagination!  #Thankyou!"

"#welcomelove @God"

“Where's your #flame?  What are you hoping for?”

What was that about #dreams in the end times?  Are you having dreams of love?

“I AM.”

Can you make this up?  Is God fathomable?  “I AM NOT!” You got it all figured out?  People get ready!  That was a good song.

Rise up… receive your glory?  Now Lord?


Man your someth’n else… “I ain’t your Daddy… I AM a little salty.  They gave us a snake.  To tame.”

Oh and some fish!  Just… flop’n around there… look at all the fish!

#Zamzamwell please & “thank you Love! “ Mommy and Daddy will be right back love…” I know.

Are you still hold’n on to trickle down economics?  Can we ask God for our concerns beyond just personal home improvements?  Are we one for all and all for one… really?  Or do you just wanna believe it for yourself?  How accountable… responsible are we?  To do what?  While they are doing what?

I'm watchful and aware… where are you!

I'm holding you to your Word!

You won't leave us wretched!

No… I will not accept that.  You promised this, this and that!

Censure!?  A pardon??

Love.  Verily,  Like you said not one.  That is the only deal I will accept.  You compromise.   Take a knee please.

Maybe your seeing it different… maybe we was built for something different.  Is blue red?  What color do you get when you combine… mix them all up?   They all look bruised enough to me… it's time Love… be merciful for me please.


“Get MY house ready… for the next occupant.  

I AM your Landlord.”

Community is it… it is!

Are you a commune-istic minded person?  Should we apprehend you?  Hold you accountable?

Some One’s believe in Love for all of God's creation.  Don’t know nuth’n bout your ways and means.  Keep tell’n ‘em your way is God’s right and good way.  Yell at them if you have to… pronounce them crazy!  Put your knee on them… till they don’t breathe anymore.  Pass’n that counterfeit manna like that.

Are you organically grown or have you been exposed to pesky people with pesticides for all?  Are you expecting us to accept this Love with those results?

Have you been genetically engineered? Have you tinkered yet with your genes? God helps those that help themselves while stepping on the future generations… of other tribes.  “Temper, temper now…”  I don’t need vindication Lord… Just Love across the Land!

Are you aware of an unseen hand at work to gain the world?  Are you scared or excited? To see finally?  How the road comes up to meet your bear feet.

Are you a wanted man or woman or roman patriot under God?  Is there a bounty on your head?  Or are you apprehended by THE Authority?  Or do you pre-date the current system.  Grand-fathered in… so to speak?

Can you be set free?  On bail or bond?  Full pardon?  Without censure?  Can you really be trusted without oversight? To be free to do and be?  All right and good to your neighbor?  Without the bounds and limitations of our skin in this world?   In the condition we are found in right now?  

“Yes Love… I know what your thinking…  you and all are in my hand… FOR Real Love.  My bounty.”

“I just don't want you to perish out in the #wildlove.  I’m a little overprotective… I’m trying everything to mature us all together.  Through Love babe.”  

Help me examine what's been goin on… let's discuss the thoughts that spawn in my mind and move my heart… as I examine what I see goin on around and in me… us.  I’m powerless and lost for words in everything… but you!  You will honor yourself and we will benefit.  When your ready to Love us for real.  We are patient… Hopeful… Trusting. That you will not give us more than we can handle!  Will bless and not curse!  How much longer Lord?  

Tik tok…What time is it?  7 more years!?  NO!  70 now!

Verily… I’m getting anxious and giddy. Dreaming about you.  “Right where I want you… for a season… Love”

No Thank you… You know what I want…  What We need.  Now please… We are waiting… where are you Love? I am awake.

Together we are #relentless

Not willing to accept less than…

Anymore.  Rise up if you can please.  Let our voice be heard!  

Are you beseeching our God?  For what?

How silly are you… telling others you figured out God.

Are you fathomable God? "No."

That settles it… let's start there.

What do we think and know about the Name of God?  His character… in the stories.  Are you willingable?  "Yes."

Are you desirable beyond comprehension? "Yes."

Are you Love? "Yes... With you I AM."

Are you magical and miraculous? "I AM.  From your vantage point I AM supernatural."  Will you reveal yourself to all of us? "Yes."

Not one will perish? "NO."

Why are we subjected to this nonsense?  What can we do to help you?  Redeem and restore your creation?  I know… we've been through all the sorries… I can't help how I feel… general sadness really.

Thank you for enduring. I can only imagine…

Why are these spirits still allowed to rape and plunder us like this?

How many cries do you need to hear!?  

Can you #Loveus all right now as we are please?  What was that about calling on… crying out to you Father?  In (y)our time of need?  Do you see anyone suffering?  They seem to be sharing in someone else’s glory.  I can only imagine….

#Thankyou for enduring.

Leaders, Politicians, Pastors, Priests and Shepard's… Even you Skull & Bones Illuminated Mason’s can come out from the shadows…  What are you all doing with our sheep?  Have you any Martha's and Mary’s?  “Where is my bride!”  Are you ready for an onslaught of need?  You have been equipped and prepared for this coming time… I expect great things from you!  Have you ideas for immediate infrastructure improvements and long-term… “eternal” …restoration, renewal and prospering God's creation?  Are you ready for the windows of heaven to be opened for you?  Can you be trusted?  Give up the loot… your Father wants it back… now.

Speak like a dragon… loud and proud for all to hear! You have authority if aligned with truth.

We need care centers for people with no shelter or food or understanding about why all this ain't all right for them… same problems with a new Spirit about the potential for resolutions. This time with a clear view of Truth!  Nothing hidden from the least of us.  FOR ANY REASON!  They are here to witness us…  God’s hand-crafted creatures.  Remember… like bundles of blessings of blood and clay wrapped in iron.  Let’s find a way to overcome this political wrangling… over spiritual and economic corruption.  All of which leads to hardship… unnecessary debt on others not blessed like us yet… silly… doesn’t it seem to be more and more?  With the more you know?  When you get honest about it?  With yourself…  Cuz you cannot convince me that is God’s way of loving His creation.  Are you fully convinced it is?  Enough to stand and testify?  Throwing rocks, hiding truth and taking bribes is not testimony… it’s evidence.  No… By Faith… He must have a reason for this moment of our lives beyond common understanding.  Because it does not align with His Name nor your public testimony.  The more you know… of The Truth… For what it’s worth… about what’s been goin on… goin down.  Let’s Celebrate!  “You can only imagine?”