May I please put my knee on your neck 490 times?

Do you really know Abel?

“You were an unruly slave… What sort of servant will you be?  Don’t you know we can do this together?  I don’t fail.”

Embrace meekness to rid yourself of anger, rage and violence… Don’t be deceived to think you have any rights to more grace and mercy over another creature in God’s Country.  You can go out to the land of nod and feast to your hearts delight, but, not here in God’s Country.  “What were the 3 temptations?  Seek.” How do you view the Kingdom?

“Embolden your people!”  We have blessings coming to bout!  “Are we ready to be lit?”

“Is it better to have a millstone hung about your neck then to mislead one of God’s children?  What’s this about being thrown into the sea?”

Rid yourself of strife and turmoil… God’s way.

Whose your scapegoat?  It’s part of our heritage.

“Is it possible you are being stubborn about My kinda LOVE?”

Is the Word in your bones?

Can someone use the Word or a word to lead you astray?  

Are you blind, lame or wicked?  Wicked like a candle ready to be lit.  “What promises you hold’n on to?”

Did God sell you into slavery?

Who is Moses?  What happened to Cain?  

Do You Remember Jesus being born?  Of the Spirit.

Is the Word alive?

Is the Word still a flaming sword between you and our Garden?

Do you know Noah?

Why did God replace Abel with Seth?  

Would you recognize Elijah today?  What would a watered down living sacrifice look like today?

Was Lazarus from Bethany?

Are you really following in the footsteps?

Do you ever find yourself scoff or mock others?  What about Bible believers who speak Biblese or even people who are conspiracy aware straining for words to reason with others doin nothing more than throwing rocks and taking bribes?  Don’t see the mirror…they broke… What was that about the millstone?  We have a spirit of power and self-discipline to be developed and honed.

Is King Nebuchadnezar whose gaining the world and not losing their soul?

Praise God Martha didn’t kill Mary!

Is it possible you haven’t been earnest about your relationship with the Lord?  Have you been busy?  “What or who is your scapegoat?”

Complicity… thorny word… No?  When do you get real about capitalized democracy and the matter of fact truth of reality around you?  Man is a wolf… with an untamed snake.  Bring your Daddy or go get your Mother.  This is goin down.

Was it over counterfeit money we had a right to oppress and “accidentally” kill?  I’m seeking the truth with a pure heart. What is Justice?  Are we the fire of God purifying the earth with the Truth about Life coming out of our mouths?  Are you edified and admonished?  YHWH…  hyh… hwh… Our first grunts and groans?

It’s not when the Lord comes back, It’s all about why and how…  Take your fat or get some more!  “We wrestled that one out… We won.”  Are we ripe and ready?  Can Seth’s vessal be saved yet for your sake?  Is keen karyn on the hunt?  “Stay tuned… Abide with me… USssssss...”

How political is your relationship with you know who?  Can you do anything on your end?  #healourland

“How secure are you in my hand?  Are you complete and made whole or being made whole with the flock all together?  Can you help me help Martha clean it up…  Get it ready?”  What is it?  Together we are Abel to do His Will.  You are a new creature and being prepared to receive your King, be made whole.  “Is it the year 4,828,950,000?  You are free to chew on anything you question.”  “Seek if you care to know where and who you are… I promised to tell you the truth in all things.”  What’s my name!?  Where is my Mother?  “Where’s my Bride?”  #Pleasetakeaknee  in honor of the bride.  

God wants to know… Jesus or no Jesus for you?  Vote today in your heart!  No more suffering!  This is God’s Country… Right? #Kindlethelight   We are prepared for our worst thoughts of fear “I sat through some of your movies” and some “many” are prepared for fruition…ready to realize our Spirits hope!  The rest will follow along like sheep.  Rise up People… NOW!

What’s it to you if the Lord God Almighty blesses someone through you?  Lord said he’d heal my land, and then he pimped me out like a hybrid creature formed of the spirits of Paul, Elijah, Abel & Cain, Noah… Abraham and Moses…Who else Lord?  “Adam...” #activatesparrowsensesplease