Romans 12:14  Bless them who persecute you; Bless and not curse. Or go ahead and keep doin what your doin… allowing to be done.   All in front of you… Like sheep headed for slaughter… Hey Papa!

Are you a voice for the voiceless?

What does that statement mean?

How can we come to know?

11 Principles… huh… Can we come to a deal?  I don’t think you got the balls to grab for it!

1.  The Truth should be preserved, valued and honored.

2.  We do not need to start growing America’s economy instead of God’s economy so that hard-working Americans see better wages of sin and more sinful opportunity… like we had when we were great.  God says “we got what we need!”

3.  We need to cry out loudly to our God of Love for a new Balanced Budget of Mercy, make our governments efficient for the first time ever, and leave the next generations with opportunity, not mountains of obligations and overwhelming debt… to argue about uncivilly, if they make it through the culling's.  (Deal note: He says we can sell this to Him for a profit… I say take the deal!)

4.  We need to start over with real healthcare economic reform, like we tried to do before, that puts patients in charge and the corrupt doctors in check, and any bureaucrats in Washington or any where else should there be hidden hands of economic lubrication for compromises; bribes.  Healthcare for All of God’s creatures should not be for gross profit gains for anyone.  “The Fat & The Blood Are Mine.  No matter what deal you try to make.”

5.  Our veterans have earned our respect and gratitude, and no veteran should have to wait in line for months or years just to see a doctor.  Adah… for decades and by both hands!  I ain’t happy with your sleight of hands!  “Why is there blood on the ground in the first place!?”  “The Fat & The Blood Are Mine.”

6.  Keeping The World safe and strong requires a strong rethinking of our strategy for strong arm military propaganda and a heart of a nation free of corruption, growing a new right and good creature of economy and culture between us all, with energy resources from nature given by God with trust in us to do right with promises of security of Life without need for borders.  

7.  Every man, woman and child should have an equal opportunity to get a right and true education; no parent should be forced to send their child to any school.  We the people… Right?!?  God wants us to help ourselves Right?  Education for All of God’s creatures should not be for gross profit for anyone.  “The Fat & The Blood Are Mine.”

8.  The best anti-poverty program is a strong understanding of the truth in all things; without derision or stoked misdirection for someone else’s gain.  Family unity in suffering and glory and a good faith based task, project  or any activity led by the spirit and freedom with the liberty of faith to access God’s creation, so our focus should be on getting people out of poverty by lifting up all people and helping them find shelter, food and purpose while developing understanding without corruption in the process to grease your palms.  God gave you all we needed… Time to simply do right and be humble about it.  What’s been goin on.  “With my fat?”  “I want MY loot I stashed!”

9.  Our country should value the traditions of family like communities, life energized by faith in God of Love, with God given liberty, and faithful activity without impedance for a master creator whois ready to be revealed to His seed.

10.  We should make our world, His creation, energy independent by encouraging God to remove this pork like cost from us.  Allowing new investments of time, effort and energy in domestic renewal, removing price barriers for access to nature, and creating tasks only God can do for His glory and our pride and honor.  We think big… I thought you said you did.

11.  We do not need an immigration system that secures our borders, upholds the law of man, and boasts our economy as some kind of justification for it all.  I got a trump card you didn’t know about.

12.  TBD  “Maybe more… I’ll decide.”  Ha.aR  “I win.”  Randi Barbara = LOVE + Aaron = Trust Forever.  You in my House or not!  Not a question Love….

You ready to make a deal?

“What are you hoping for… Love?”

“I AM WAITING……. Haman”

I suspect they are considering we the people might want at the very least self-vindication, rather, than choose to Love all that come behind us in return… hwh…  hyh!  Your way God of Love.  Tell’em!  Don’t make me get Mother!  They benefited us too!

Friend of God… The People WILL BE Exalted!