Are our temples and churches like watered down living sacrifices?  Wicked like candles ready to be lit… again?  Take a look at history we know… are we not being purified… made whole?  Is it possible you just got a glimpse of Him or Her?  Don’t you want more?  Follow after Them… they’ll catch you up, at your pace!  Promise!  Which Church do you associate with?

How many fish did Jesus feed?  Are you apprehended?   Is there a corporate reckoning for US ALL?   What say you God of Love?  “I’m get’n my sun’s bride ready… like I said; to save us all from celestial cycles… like moon tides love. “  “Tell everyone I can’t reach to relax… Trust Me.”  “Rest in ME for a twinkle babe…  My Spirit of Love for All.  His promises will be fulfilled.”  We all in this together baby…

Doubt produces confusion and fear… wonder, free of doubt, produces revelation and awe.   Hyh… Hwh… Is God Love?  Do you wonder or doubt?  If it’s time to get crazy about God’s Love.  #Outpouringplease&thankyou!  Does He use us like a handmaid to start the conversation?   What did you say about it?  “Come as you are…”

#Prayaboutit  God’s Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.  Jesus already died for the Hope we have in Love… It’s time to ask God to bind the spirits that produce the seven sins.  Ask God to bind up doubt and betrayal so we can have ears to hear and eyes to see and a heart to receive His Love for All.  We are bold in spirit… free to do and be in accordance with Her/His Will.  Respect...  If we give Them, Him or Her Respect & Honor we get exponential return of Pride & Glory.  Not by our works…  Corporately and personally.  Make it right and good now Lord.  We are great together… #makeusbetter  #blessusall  #catchourfall #weneedloveinthebloodnow  Edify us in Love.  Thank You!  Am I taking an apostolic pardon or I AM is ushering Her coming to bear and His return… They are your last rites…  I say Cast your cares on Him.  It’s your vote…  Your bet to make.  Do you know, Love?  Vote or bet on Hope with Faith today!  Either way we all win!  We still have much to wonder about… free of sin.  There are so many tells.  Like low hanging fruit?  #Rallyyourleader!  Whose say’n what?

All I Know is… God is Love in any language

I am… I am nothing without Love.

All I Know We Believe is… God is Love

God Loves us all.


God Honors us for us all.


Why are We the people… Wise like serpents and gentle as lambs?  Is God Good?  Is He proficient at His chosen field of work?  Is He at work in you?  Can we add Trust; in Truth… about God’s Love for all creation?  Is He holding a secret vote? Is He waiting for you to holler at Him for help?  For you and your neighbors you see on TV not doing as good as you?  Are you work’n hard for the Pride?  We went through the Greed stage… now God wants to give us Love in the blood… When your ready.  What trigger did He say He/we had for that?  Is it His pyramid scheme you didn’t know about?

How Do We the People… Realize the rights we claim to have over ourselves and this nation?  Come to Jesus?  Be True… Do we have a bunch of goats and lambs among us?

What Do We the People…  do to facilitate a collective acknowledgement of our errors?  Simply, so We can make the next right move.  Being honest about the social system of life we have allowed to be.  Capitalism is the purposeful entanglement of politics and economy.  What about Humanism?  Will you be picking gender identity next?  Or will it be picked for you?  Or maybe your lot in life?  Will you be pressed and scattered?

When Do We the People…  Rise up to take genuine and sincere corrective actions.  Seek the Truth with a PURE HEART.  Realize Redemptive Results for all? Do we get a gain?

IS THERE A STAFF OR ROD… We can find comfort in?  Did ours turn into a snake?  Like promised in the bible story from church?  How is it that you are not that familiar with the Bible that brought about the result of your sense of eternal salvation?

The Bible is full of stories of why and how man tries to achieve some aim.  Stories that describe results and learned best practices.  All of them account for acknowledgement of error and corrective measures of action.  A works by faith scenario that accounts for our purification process.  Dust in… “Better than gold out!”

DID YOU KNOW… You can google any question presented here?  Find out for yourself.  Come to know your own version of the Truth.  The Truth you organically wonder about.  Whatever that is to you.  As you seek for Him and Her.  With a pure heart…

What do you believe is God’s Will for His Creation?

Are some being blessed with freedom, liberty and money while some are not?  Is it disbelief that separates us? “I AM”

Simple prayer for us… “God appointed Lord of Love… Revive the Hope MY Faith leads me to Trust in… Where’s your Well?  I’m thirsty.”

Blind   Lame   Crazy

     6        7       70

Faith  Hope   Love

You might say child like kinda crazy You might say child like kinda Love

Hyh… hwh.







You were equipped for a time such as this… "He was oppressed and He was afflicted, yet He did not open His mouth; like a lamb that is led to slaughter."  Jesus, like my parent's… they want us to learn from their lives.  

"Holler at me when you need help or your ready for slaughter. "

Jesus… hello… I can't hear you… what are you doing… where are you… you know I love you… where are you… holler out for me… where did you go?  “Seek Love… I’m straining you a little for a lot.”  Does a planet die when the last voice ceases? Are you depending on your neighbor? The next generation? #shake&shirk #cryouttomeplease #iam #willingable to do more than you know.

"Are you exasperated yet?"  I'm bout ready on my end… I'm feel'n pretty silly now.

#thankyou for not forsaking me… us!

What do you really think inside… with what little of the Word you know?  How does that feeling line up with your idea of Love?  The kinda Love your expecting to receive?  I say get all you can… while you can.

Are you edified or just fortifying yourself?  #howcanihelpyoujesus?

"How pliable are you for my cuz… Cuzz?"  Can you take instruction? Correction? Can you move when I move?

Competition free… you do as you will with what we got to work with.