Is Jesus interceding for you!  Not a question Remember Me… My Voice.

This is more important than anything under the sun.  Is God’s purifying fire already at work in the world?  Alpha and Omega.  There is nothing to fear.  The truth in the matter will produce a result in your heart and mind.  To love the Lord with all your might.  When it’s your time to choose your God for eternity.  Grace and mercy are not imperfect.  When Jesus said turn the other cheek and give the shirt off your back, He was revealing the ways of God.  This is not Caesars world, we only owe Caesar the Truth in Love.  Now whose the body of Christ?  The fat God wants. What are you gonna do now?  Submit, yield and give thanks.  The Spirit of the Lord is doing the work in you that your heart hopes for.  Sharing your Faith… not someone else's.  True Love for ALL of God’s creation.  Sealed.  “Merciful, Mighty & Free.  It’s a new soul strain I developed for myself.”

Remember what the serpent said…  So you know the contrasting voice. We are one under the Son.   What’s this about being a snake or an olive branch?  Does that lead to Godly correction?  #tightenup  The great physician.  Don’t you want the best care?  #clinch&cling  Didn’t God display the Glory of the Lord through Jesus?  If someone needed a scapegoat for a sacrifice could they go to the Lord and ask?  Would he provide one?  Would the unfathomable spirit of the Lord God Almighty be willing and able?  “Is she a grounding rod for you?”  “Dig.” #clinch&cling

Is this the year of the Lord 6770 and we are being prepared for the Sabbath day era?  If a day is like a 1000 years?  Lord? What say you?  What is happening in your Kingdom?  What do we think we know about your return?  Like a thief in the night?  Saturday overnight to Sunday?  Is the Calendar off by 50 years?  Lord?  “Seek.  Decide for yourself.  You’ll know the truth when you find it with a pure heart.”  Can we hasten your return?  Lord?  Father?  Bro you know?  “Dad said seek the truth with a pure heart.  Mom don’t know.”  

Jesus Cannot Lie… He said Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Jesus didn’t just Love the world… He Loved God… Loved Truth.

To Jesus be all Glory, Honor and Power.

The mystery of the Gospel.  God went before Him for Us… They go before us now… Love is going before them & USssssss?  I see why your confused.

Who are you empowering?

Give to Caesar what is Caesars… what is God’s portion?

How silly might we be?Do the numbers 555 or 777 mean anything?

  Blindly following the blind.  Jesus ministered for 3 years… Everyone heard the truth, it echo's in the marrow of our bones.  We can be bold about it.

Are you an eternal creature? What happened in both years 666?

Do you have your own free will?  “What’s inside the clay?  Why did you need protection?”  Only His seed is protected! #prayaboutit

Why would we need to choose a path?

Do you really believe, cloaking yourself in His or Her righteousness?

Are you a wolf in sheep's clothing?

Are we all in this together?  Am I elite alone with the Lord or are we elite together? “We can do this together.  I see that’s your heart in the matter.”

Can you serve 2 masters? If that was Thursday in God time, what day would you like your Sabbath on?  “Will you accept my sacrifice?”

Why would the God of Love subject his offspring to death and suffering?  Father, forgive them first and then me.  Or all together…  With Power, Glory and Honor.  What is our name?!  We can take Him together!  Charge! “Engage”

Are you following the Fire of the Lord?  …and both Years 616?  515?  490?  420 AD?  420 BC?

Love Never Fails!  Remember Jesus words… forgive them, they know not what they do. Did God the Father Respect and Honor Jesus? Whose them?  Matthew 24 ? “All of creation…”

The Dove was released… Will you receive our King?

1... 3… 5… 7?  How much longer?  Are we right on time?

1)  Are you are a goat-like creature with a mind of a serpent, heart of a lion, flesh like a wolf and Spirit of a dove… and a lamb if needed?  Are you feral or IBL?  Which tribe or church do you associate with?

2)  I’m just looking for somewhere to connect with the self appointed religious right hand of this nation under God worshiping a Christ-like beast with a false god.  Like Elijah… lets see your god do it’s thing…  3)  There is a time and season for all things brother.

4)  Am I here to step on your head and grab at your heel?

5)  Were you foretold in the scriptures?

6)  What right do you have to stake claim to God’s country?  Whose seed are you?  Cast your lot.

7)  Please speak clearly and concisely and repeat your answer out loud for all to hear.

8)  I denounce the Spirit of Criticism or Condemnation… And call on the Spirit of Love.  Rise up and walk like Jesus said…you could.

9)  Go in peace and may you grow in the knowledge of the King of Kings…

Aloha!  You headed for the river?  #Wannawrestle?  Cast Your Lot.  “All yours cares please…  I don’t make errors.”

Apply today to be a wise man.  We get paid to nurse the babes! Not like the Papacy did… Choose your Sabbath Day… wisely!

Are We In Overtime?  Are you get’n paid at least?

Lean not into your own understanding?  Wise as a Serpent… gentle like a lamb or dove?  By whose hand? “They just do what they see their Father do…” Who appointed you ruler of this world?  Are you paying attention?  “You were born enslaved to this world.”  Like clay encapsulated in iron?  Are you David, Solomon or Jesus?  What was that about three crosses?

Our battle is not with flesh and blood.  We wrestle with God for wisdom and understanding?  Who do you follow or seek for the answers to your need for salvation or to feel safe and secure?  What race you run’n… are you fighting for all to gain the riches of heaven?

All the stories we know from the Bible or other texts that exist in our consciousness are not there by accident… are they?  

Follow your leader.  Who is the author of your heart?  Do you remember when we were all together drunk on the spirit?  Surely God will remember.  I only have a glimpse and a glimmer.  Did we all wressle around in the mud first?

Meditate day and night… so that you may stand in the coming time of trouble.  “Do you have ears to hear?”  Is God fathomable?  “I got an eye for an eye… like a carat.”  Thank you for that carrot to feed my goat.

Will the truth set you free? Lay at the feet of Jesus.

The good news is… That God created…  “planted” …a seed of faith within us that is incorruptible and we can prosper.  That God is our portion.  “Love never fails.”  Like in my dreams of you Love?  Does your goat know His and Her voice?  Does he or her come and go as directed and corrected?  Led by your hand?

Are you iron or clay?  Will the Spirit of the Lord do to you what he’s doing to others first?  

Love Never Fails!  Faithful and Just is the Lord!  Is it your truth your seeking or the Truth?  You can shake off the rust…  Did we travel from the East to the West following the Sun God created?

Do you have any understanding to shout from the rooftops or are you defaulting to your tribal party denominational authorities affiliation?  Engaging in or practicing Cleromancy?  Is that a word anymore?  How do we still know about this word and others?  Is there a Spirit that's able to protect and preserve truth and knowledge?  What's this command to search the word?  Who do you obey?  Have you been nod’n?  Asleep in the Lord?  “It is time to wake up Love.”  “It’s the greatest of all.”  Are you falling?  In Love yet?  Or are you dangling?  Off the side of the mountain?  Do you know your cinched?  “Just cling babe.”

Can you copy and paste?  “Be fruitful & multiply.”

1) Is God all that and a bag of chips?  “Stop, be still… rest.  Now trust in me…  Believe in me.  Love me… like I AM Love in you…Where’s your wings… Mount up Love.  I don’t want to quench your spirit either.”  

2) Works by faith… Are you working hard enough?  Let’s see how your god’s are doing… What results can we measure and weigh?  GDP only convicts you.  “Pork ain’t the right kinda fat.”  What else you got?  Nice pyramid scheme…  Where’d you copy that from?  “Where’s the cornerstone?”  Bound up in the corner… I think?





7) What will you do?  Now or Later?  Do you have a new day tomorrow?  To start fresh?  Genuine and sincere.  Before the Lord.  Beside the Lord.  In the Lords hands.  Like Daniel in the lions den.  Like Jesus on the cross.  Like us on our knees.

Pressure & Time = ?

“There’s still room in the strain.”  Remember when the ark door closed? 777

“Who want’s the Key?  He asked to make sure all were in first.”

Aren’t we all making Love and babies organically…  Let’s ramp it up.  “Before I go blind again?”  Are we colluding causing mental illness?  How could you possibly know?