Pride & Prejudice

Mercy & Peace

Respect & Honor

Who is the right hand of Jesus? If God established Jesus as the right hand of God… Can We the people… redeem our [sic]nation(s) and win the world for all?  He said not one should perish.  Is all your skin in the game; His and Hers?

Topical Word Searches… A common research tool.  Are you really work’n to will and do for His pleasure?  “Why you still got meat on your bones?” Where’s my fat lord?

Use the Internet, ask your friends, family and strangers.  Pray.  Ponder and actively stretch and reach out for wisdom that comes by understanding about these topics of consideration given the era of time we are in. “This is just a stepping stone.  If you want rank in my kingdom you’ll take a knee.”  “Throttle Me or let me loose.”






Remember Me

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Luke 23:34 Then Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” And they divided up his clothes by casting lots.  Let them with ears to hear… hear.  Thank you.

As we go into November and on into Eternity…

“It is what it is… I am yours and you are mine.”   The Lord blessed me through you… will you let Him bless you through me?

“ With the benefit now of hindsight, it seems [sic] (we the people)… have a good handle on personal and corporate forgiveness and a genuine desire for comfort care outreach for the least among us.  Praise be to me they have evolved… As you know their historical record.”  Is there more development on the horizon?  Scripture alludes to an idea [sic] (we the people) are being refined and purified.  Made whole?  Mounting up with wings like eagles?  Do we have talons?  “With the knowledge and understanding that sin has no hold on them.  They realize now they simply choose it.  Casting lots or whatever devise or scheme the beast can copy.“

 God promises to search the depths of your soul for you.  Or with you.  I say keep the gates open day and night.  “I plant and herd, you till and get naked to fetch my water.” “ You’ll grow your form of talons when you realize you have wings.”

If you are not already engaged with Jesus through the Holy Spirit… Holy Ghost… Spirit of the Lord or The Eternal one known as, how did you put it? “I AM” You may consider starting there… Like a thief in the night.  To get to know the Spirit of Faith, Hope and Love by ways of Life, Love and Truth…or I could just say by ways of Love; But alas… “It is what it is.”  How do those words ring through your heart?  Let your Word flow like a raging river or a rippling brook.  Thank you.

“The Fat & The Blood Are Mine.”God’s got his knee on my neck… not sorry.

I’m doin my due diligence to follow and obey… Is there anything in God’s creation that can separate us from God?

Does God have sovereignty over us?

My oppo research reveals my neighbor is in trouble…

Are you watchful and aware of sin crouching at the door?

Is there a knock at your door?

“Have you asked for mercy?”

Did you know our known 5 senses were created so we could meld with the Spirit of all creation?  Come to know…

“No really you gotta come over here to know more… Lay at my feet.  Be still.  Rest.  Until your not weary anymore. “

“You are worthy because I created you.  Your mine.  I wooed you… and you betrayed me.  All matter of fact stuff to get real about.  Being vulnerable is part of a Life of Learning to Love me like me. You do need to be willing to sell all you have to follow after me.”

“I never said you needed to doubt me.  Who got in your ear and made you believe a lie?  Who made you wander off?  Who sold you into slavery?  Who bought you back?  You may need to plunge deeper beneath the blood.“

“Steep yourself in My Word” Where is the Word of Life? “Search.”

When did God tell you to develop indifference to your neighbor? When did you start negating to disregard any other of God’s creatures?  Are we all babes?  How could one of us fall to the point we the people are [sic]mocking, bickering and blindly empowering blatant raping and plundering of God’s creation?  Right? And left!

“Money is just the root of all evil...  DIG!  Are you doing your due diligence to know what the left hand and right hand are doing under [sic] (we the people) appointment in my name?”  In God we trust… not any other.

Be honest…  Our nation is indebted, not flush and bountiful.  Your patriotism is misplaced.  Your chosen leader, appointed by our God like the story of Job.

Does the Spirit of the Lord search to and fro for whom may be blessed?  Is The Lord God Almighty giving you the riches of this world?  Or did you take what's yours with grit?  Will He give you more in our Mercy Seat?  ASK!?

  Jesus what can we do?  “Remember… Call on the name of the Lord.”  We need Hope Lord right now, for help from our God of Love!  “Jesus is your Hope that I won’t fail you.  I AM coming for ALL… not just US.  Be patient and hold the line best you can.  Start ushering.”

Would you stop and examine your relationship with the matters of this world and God? “Is this a mutual pursuit for happiness or Love for All?”

We feel conviction like the rod of the staff striking our soul.  Embrace the fact you have nothing to fear…when the staff becomes the snake… correction is good!  Virtuous even.  Receive your gift of salvation!  That is what is required of you.  The correction of the Lord is Salvation to my bones.

Can we hasten His return?

 With Life, Liberty and Justice for all.    Where’s the Love?  What is justice? What is God’s Grace through Faith?

 “A tool like money, or manna from heaven...”  Will the Lord show you mercy?  Or bless you with a millstone?  Or the sea… “My Love knows no bounds.”  Matthew 24-25… “dig!”  Do you know Matthew, one of God’s instruments/tools?  Why is the knee a thing right now?  Both in bending a knee in acknowledgment of injustice as an act of peaceful protest… “remember when you bent your knee at my cross.” And the knee of oppression and death.  Are we in the era of Revelations?  In the year 2020 it seems things are becoming clear… for those who seek truth with a pure heart.  Submitting to truth internally about ourselves and our consciousness.  Awareness now of the trouble that beseeches us all.  And our responsibility to receive the correction and be blessed by becoming contrite in nature through the process.  

Prepared.  Love.“  

Whatever the perceived cost to our welfare over others needs or Sin… disbelief/mocking/wickedness… Does He forgive your debts every seven years?

trusting and walking by faith.  Like Jesus…Abel and who else?   

How did God display his Glory through Jesus?

Like a black hole, other elements exist who deny God and seek to literally rape and plunder you and I as God’s creation(have you heard and now seen the crazy news?).  

“Are you watchful and aware… protecting your neighbor?  What’s up with the walls we took down?”  I found my well, I’m only here to usher you to usher others… “quickly now love.”

 God says it’s only if we allow them to rule us that they have any power to control our existence and God given inheritance. We submit to and allow it to occur… because we have not dealt with all sin in our life?  

What is sin…”What are the riches of heaven?”  Matthew ? “dig!”

 “Deeper…Here let me help you.  Wider.”

Is there a God that can save our soul?  Are we born of the Spirit?  Christ is the answer… To our inner question of justification; Reconciliation; Restoration; Redemption… Prosperity.  

Find your seed of Faith… Your redemption token.  Please.  And go ahead and follow Him out that narrow gate… to the slaughterhouse.  Wide gate is fine too if your soul really needs it.  Either way God’s Will Be Done.   Right? Or Right!  He has the whole world in his hands.  Apprehension leads to timidity…  Which leads to the millstone?  Thrown into the sea?  Thy Will be done in me Lord… Remember?!  Your commitment.   Are you still following George?  God is Love… “He was supposed to bring you to me.”  Just like he did?   Who is the author of our heart?

We acknowledged we were in need of repair and purification… made whole is all I know.  “You asked for my riches.”   “You acknowledged me.”   Are you marked or sealed?  It’s your calling to know.  If everyday is a new day… What is God ‘s Will for you today?  Is it better to accept the millstone/cross?  What about cutting off your hands?  An eye for an eye?  What is Faith?  What are you doing with God’s knee?  “I lent you…”  Is the fear of the Lord being persecuted? Labeled blind, lame or crazy?  Being an outcast in a sea of men?  Is God start’n a nudist colony?  Should we be out till’n His creation all drunk and naked?  “Dig!  Throw mud in your neighbors eye!”  “If We all agree and command you too babe.”  Rise up… all of you… NOW!  Who wants mud in your eye?

Make me fat and ready Lord!  Whatever it takes… Love Never Fails.

Faith comes by hearing… Works come by faith.   May We Grow in Grace with the knowledge of our Lord and Savior… Forgive them… us, I’ll take the knee Lord!  Redeemed.  Sealed.  Delivered.  Are the ways of God a mystery? Can you redirect the grit?  With proof? Your founding father says “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the invisible hand which conducts the affairs of men more than the People of the United States.”  Are you prepared and preparing?  “Seek the Truth with a pure heart.”  Where can I find that?  Who has a pure heart Lord?  “Read that again… what George said 7 times.”

“What kind of soil are you giving me to work with?  Where’s my fat?”

How can you know?  That's what you want to know.  Don’t you… no?

Did you know… Our Lord is a Rock?

You can put your knee on?  

Give ‘em both knees!

He can take it.  Just stay in the fight!  “Get back in here!”  “My fortress.”  “My wing… Love

I don’t feel guilty… No blood on my hands!  Your crazy.

Why would God give me all this if I wasn’t doin sumth’n right!?

I’m Blessed!

I Voted!

Pinned to the forehead… on your hat.  Recorded in the history books.  Known to your neighborhood of witnesses.  That’s my knee.  Thank you Lord.

Faith comes by hearing… Good works comes by Good Faith.

Work real hard… The blind leading the blind.

Think real hard… (Energy x Faith) = Talent = Life

Work’n for the weekend…  Work hard, play hard baby.

Schedule time for God!  

Who will coordinate for us?

Who will tell us and make sure we all do it?  Mother!

Mom… Which day did you choose?  I can’t decide.  Sunday or Monday for the first day of the week?  I really like how we do it now.  Only God knows why, let’s make it official for everyone.   It’s not all wrong, but, it ain’t all right.  Is God calling on you to help spread the word for His good purpose?  Put your mask on… and cloak yourself in His Righteousness.

Can you ask God about it? Yes love…please do…remember my will for you.”  

Did you know an Eagle will kill a snake by digging it’s talons into the snakes head?  Can you pray about that?  Are you mounting up?  By Faith?  In Grace?  A simplified view reveals the hidden links you need to find for yourself… and Them.

“I AM revealing myself to all my seed… “

“Take a knee… Until I move you.”PLEASE!Told you I was taking you all with me.

What He said and says is all I know.  7 x 70?  I gave Him one of my eyes… both my hands… my feet… and now both my knees.  Don’t think I won’t come at you with an elbow.  What did you think a watered down living sacrifice looked like?  Like, want, need… Is that our natural path of least resistance?  

HOW DO WE… learn to control our appetite for the conterfeit riches of heaven?  What happens when we like, want and need?  All at the same time?  Are we addicted to money and politics?  I thought Love was the greatest of all…”I’m buying ‘em ALL back at a discount… I LOVE IT!  Thank You Love!”

The spirits behind the like, want and need we feel… "feed on" …while engaging the efforts and tasks involved.  Who established this system?  Who is the unknown hand you helped others recruit and trap God's babies?  Kids pledging allegiance to a flag of man under the Sun… how do you reconcile that?

"Come… I will give you rest and help you understand why I allowed this to occur for a season and how you were protected and never in eternal danger, My Love Children."  #Zamzamwell Please and #THANKYOU!  I just do what I see my parents doing…Praying and beseeching…Seeking with Faith and Hope… Truth with a Pure Heart.

What?  There’s still time to get drunk and naked like Noah?  I thought we just did that!?  “What’s the commotion all about?”  How we worship you… what are you going to do about it?  “Watch”  You have the best display I know.  Can I get a good seat for my house?  Can we help you in any way? I see we have milk and honey for all! …and the best wine for last!!  Oh my Word… Beyond measure… More than I could ever imagine… #THANKYOU


Love me like I Love you... Tempered By Truth